With MemberPal our organization management process is in autopilot

James OrizecSec. GENERAL ELBA Hunters Club Ontario CA

Ability to search, pledge, donate and manage meetings beats other management systems Hands Down.

Jonathan Adusa Elder. Scripture Bible Fellowship Portland OR.

“My members testify a hassle-free way to make payments, make pledges . The growth of our chapter increased ever since.

Tatianna Harris-Lewis President Zeta Apha Nu Rho Sorority

As a 501-c non-profit, this a wonderful fundraising tool, we are able track pledges, donations in our conventions

Idris Jamal President Alberta University Students Association

MemberPal is really helpful with our membership communication, especially with prayer requests, needs requests above above all this tool keeps our membership together, and has increased our membership.

Obiora Offor African Christian Fellowship, St Marys Catholic Church Landover MD